Proudly Serving DOD Customers in Southern Maryland since 2008

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    Proudly Serving DOD customers in Southern Maryland
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Aviation Systems Technologies, LLC is proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business

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Services, Supplies, and Solutions

The foundation of what we offer

In-House Engineering / Production

Need Rapid Prototyping?

We offer custom electrical cables, as well as military aircraft harness production services. We provide full service injection molding capabilities. We offer Red/Black communications system implementation as well as expert drafting and design services.

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Supply/Kitting Services

Need A Parts Distributor?

We are a distributor for many things like aircraft connectors, wire and cable, tools, heatshrink, electrical supplies, mil-spec connectors and anything else you might need to keep your project going.

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Contractor Support Services

Need An Engineer?

We provide highly skilled and qualified engineers, engineering technicians, and electronics techs for: Aircraft weapon systems T&E, Installation of communications systems in ground vehicles, aircraft, enclosures, buildings, and ships. We also provide R&M engineering support for military manned and unmanned aircraft systems.

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Management Solutions

Putting It All Together...

We provide highly qualified financial analysts, program analysts, administration services, and acquisition support.

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Why Choose Aviation systems technologies?

what we can do for you

DOD Engineering Solutions

A short summary.

Your mission is important. The American people depend on you to get the job done right. Even with the downward pressure on cost and the budgetary constraints faced by every Government agency, you can’t afford to fail. 

Key focus areas.

  • We listen to your concerns
  • We focus on a projects unique needs
  • We ensure your projects timely delivery
  • We try to anticipate your needs
  • We interface with your existing team
  • Woman owned small business

What our clients have to say

  • "I Would like to take this opportunity to commend Aviation Systems Technologies, LLC on your performance history on two projects with Wyle Laboratories Incorporated. We here at Wyle look forward to continuing our relationship with the professionals at AST."

    Kenneth S.

    Wyle Inc.
  • "From June 2009 to the present, Aviation Systems Technologies, LLC has been a subcontractor on the AIR 5.1.6 contract providing Digital ITER Cables for the AIR Ordnance and Electric Lab. During this time, AST's performance has been excellent. They have consistently delivered the cables to the government customer on schedule and within budget. I would highly recommend Aviation Systems Technologies, LLC for similiar work without any hesitation."

    James H.

    Mantech Systems Engineering Corp.