Proudly Serving DOD Customers in Southern Maryland since 2008

DOD engineering services southern maryland

Aviation Systems Technologies offers a mix of engineering services designed to meet the unique needs of government agencies. Our engineering teams are staffed with experienced personnel who understand the exacting requirements of military programs including:

  • ACAT I-IV systems acquisitions
  • Rapid Reaction Programs
  • Aircraft Systems Test and Evaluation Programs, including Weapon Systems
  • Telecommunications and Related Communication-Electronics (C-E) Systems Programs
  • Aircraft Instrumentation and Modification programs

Additional Information

To solve technical problems with engineering solutions where modular components are a part of a unified system for making elegant solutions that empower your company and teams for years to come.

Services Overview

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom Wiring Harness Production
  • Custom Cabling Production
  • Full Service Injection Molding Services
  • Drafting and Design Services
  • Red/Black Communication System Fabrication
  • Red/Black Communication System Installation
  • Commercial / Industrial Electrician Support
  • MIL-SPEC cable and harness production

Other services

  • Supply/Kitting Services

    Need A Parts Distributor?

    We are a distributor for many things like aircraft connectors, wire and cable, tools, heatshrink, electrical supplies, mil-spec connectors and anything else you might need to keep your project going.

  • Contractor Support Services

    Need An Engineer?

    We provide highly skilled and qualified engineers, engineering technicians, and electronics techs for: Aircraft weapon systems T&E, Installation of communications systems in ground vehicles, aircraft, enclosures, buildings, and ships. We also provide R&M engineering support for military manned and unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Management Solutions

    Putting It All Together...

    We provide highly qualified financial analysts, program analysts, administration services, and acquisition support.